Wonderful Doctor

I was a patient of dr. Wassim(the owner of discount family dental) in Orlando location for many years and my best years in his healing hands , and the great professional friendly personality, me and my family we were blessed by his care kindness and knowledge, but then he moved to this new location in Melbourne, and we were like lost orphans , I had to find another place in Orlando ,so I went to the most advanced and fanciest cosmetic dental care with surgeons and supposedly to be upskilled in dr Phillips area of Orlando, their price was up to sky, and the first visit , was awful ( because they took care of cavity and put the crown without root cancel which they knew they had to do ), the result was they kept me in pain for 9 days and I been begging them to get me and take care of this pain by root canal , they said they don’t have time , …. anyway I called this beautiful place the discount family dental in Melbourne and I said I rather drive 2 hours if you can get me , they took me the next day early morning as emergency, and I cannot describe how heavenly and nice they treated me , from the staff , assistants and doctors , the doctor actually took a look and examined and find out , the tooth next to the one also needed the root canal , he did them both in the same day , very light handed , soft spoken, I am speechless to describe the personality and professionally ,I just cried from the happiness and I prayed for them , I left their office with so much smile and no pain my family couldn’t believe I was happy and smiling again my pain was all gone , did not even needed the pain killer …, it didn’t hurt , I will go back to get my crown done , thank you discount family dental , amazing owner dr Wassim , amazing staff , thanks to Christy , wonderful doctor , dr Nadim , and the assistants are amazing too , thank you all again ! The price was reasonable , they helped me , I could be able to pay , what else you can ask …. I just thank God that you guys are In business , And God bless you all